1. Kids Swimming Club – Tuesday

Cost & Payment:

£7.50 per club.

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Your booking is a commitment for the whole term – usually 12 weeks, or the term’s remaining weeks from when you joined. 

How to pay:

Step one: To sign up for this course, you will need to pay an initial upfront holding fee equivalent to one week’s session. This is done by adding the session to your basket and making payment through your website account. You will then receive confirmation of your payment by email.

TASTER: If this is the first time your child has attended the course the initial payment will allow for a break in the contract. This will allow you to decide whether you would like your child to continue with the rest of the course. This can be confirmed by a follow-up call or by emailing: info@myhelm.club 

Step two: You will then be sent 2 invoices by email. The invoice dates will be sent 4 weeks apart or before the second half of the term. Each invoice will be for half of the remaining fees due for the term, minus the initial upfront fee. Your invoices are to be paid immediately. Please contact us if you would rather settle the entire balance in one payment.

The first payment link will be sent the week before your child’s first Club course. Please note that If this is not paid the Friday before your child’s start date, your place will be given to another child and your initial upfront payment will not be refunded. 

Your email providing the Invoice will give you a ‘payment by’ date.

Your second invoice payment must be paid by the end of the invoiced week. Please note: should you not pay that second invoice promptly, your child will not not be able to attend any further clubs (including the following weeks 5 & 6), and their place will be given to another child. 

All invoices for the term must be paid by the end of week 4. Any parents with children joining after this week will receive one invoice for the term’s remaining weeks, which must be paid immediately.

Group Type:
Kids 7-11 yrs

Course Date:

Course Duration:

16/4/2024 – 9/6/2024

(11 weeks + 1 week half-term)

12:00 pm – 1.00 pm


Workshop Leader

  • Fran Maiellano
  • Francesca started swimming at the age of 3. At the age of 5 she started competing for her local swimming club in Milan. At the age of 12 she moved to the UK and swam for a club in London, training twice a day and competing in local and national competitions, both in the pool and in open waters. She was also in the main relay team for her club and travelled across the uk to compete. She still enjoys a casual swim both in the pool and in the sea and is so excited to share her passion and enthusiasm through fun activities with whomever shares the same passion, is up for some fun, wants to improve their swimming skills or simply wants to feel more comfortable in the water.