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About (Meet the Team)

Our Origin

Laura Foster, our founder, is a Home Ed mum who’s lived in Brighton with her family for the last 16 years. Without a car, Laura found it difficult to travel around to all the amazing workshops and clubs on offer throughout Sussex for the Home Ed community. This inspired her to create the Brighton-based Community-building activities and workshop resource centre that she and her friends and family craved.

My HELM had a successful opening year, with over 70 people coming to our Taster Day on 10 June 2019. The Teen HELM group (12-16-year-olds) ran 6 workshops including Drama, Economics, Fine Art, Debate Club, Personal Training and Scratch Coding. The Kids HELM group (7-11-year-olds) in turn ran 5 workshops: Singing, Comic Book Club, Cook and Dine, Fun Activities and Maths Modelling.

What We Offer

Welcome to My HELM, a place where diversity and creativity are celebrated. As a Community Interest Company Not-for-profit, we are committed to creating an inclusive, safe space where everyone has the opportunity to learn and connect with others. Our workshops and clubs cover a wide range of subjects for all ages, providing an environment that fosters growth, relationships, and learning. At My HELM, we believe in creating a fun, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere that encourages children, teens, and carers to discover their passions and develop lasting friendships. Our founder, Laura Foster’s vision of a small community group has grown significantly over the years but our commitment to providing exciting, new workshops and clubs remains unchanged. Join us as we continue to inspire our community and ignite a love for socialisation and community.

My HELM Ethos

Our mission is to create a safe haven for families and young people where they are celebrated, valued, and respected – without any prejudice or discrimination. We are dedicated to relentlessly pursuing ways to make our workshops and tutor clubs available to everyone, regardless of their circumstances.

Though there might be times when we encounter challenges in providing support to individuals with particular needs or behaviors, we always strive to work with parents and children to find solutions and alternatives, so that every child has the chance to thrive and grow.

We extend an invitation to parents, guardians, or significant adult carers to remain onsite during their visits to our workshops and clubs if they believe their child needs additional support.

We welcome all those who share our passion for learning and fun and encourage everyone to join us on this amazing journey!


Laura Foster - Founder/ Managing Director

Laura Foster is the founder and managing director of My HELM CIC, a pioneering initiative revolving around alternative community-focused education. 


Five years ago, Laura embarked on an extended journey with her family, initially intended as a six-month excursion. During this time, she became deeply involved in home education with her child, seeking social engagement through local workshops. However, logistical challenges arose due to the dispersed nature of these workshops across Sussex.


Inspired by the sense of community fostered at their local centre, Laura envisioned a central hub where children could gather, play, and belong—a concept that gave birth to My HELM CIC.


With a career previously rooted in senior-level recruitment for pharmaceutical companies, Laura possesses a wealth of expertise in identifying needs and assembling dynamic teams. Her entrepreneurial ventures and support for local businesses further fuelled her passion for community empowerment.

At My HELM, Laura curates a team of local, self-employed coaches dedicated to nurturing community talent and fostering inclusive learning environments. 

Greg Marshall - Tutor Lead

Greg is a seasoned academician with over 15 years of extensive experience in teaching and tutoring maths, basic sciences and history. He has also gained experience in teaching drama as a cofounder of Openspace Theatre School in Brighton, alongside working as an actor in TV and theatre. 

He also holds a first degree in Science alongside qualifications in understanding autism.

Greg served as a teacher for the Brighton and Hove Museum service, where he conducted sessions on science, history, as well as natural history to visiting student groups at Brighton Museum, Booth Museum, and Hove Museum.

His commitment to education is further reinforced by his participation in immersive experiences, such as portraying The Prince Regent at the Royal Pavilion, Mr Elphick the Butler at Preston Manor, Mr. Fogg at Phileas Fogg’s World of Adventures and serving as the Captain during the Titanic Experience. He has also worked as a professional Santa for over 10 years!

Meet the Team

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