Teen Addressing Anxiety Workshop

Workshop information

Course: Teen Addressing Anxiety Workshop

Coach: Tracy Taylor-Banks

Group Type: Teen 11-16yrs  AND Guardian

Day: Friday

Course Dates: From 15th March

Time: 10.00am – 11.00am

Taster: £20.50

8-week Course:   £164 (£20.50 per session)

Required Resources: Comfortable clothes, Water, pen, paper

Information: You will initially pay for your taster. Once attended you will have the opportunity to purchase the full course.


Teen Addressing Anxiety

Course Overview

In this workshop, I aim to equip young people and parents with an invaluable ‘tool kit’ which will enable them to better understand and manage anxiety going forward. I want to encourage them to share their experiences in order to connect with families and build a sense of community as we learn together to overcome challenges.

Course Content

Week 1 (Taster) : What is anxiety and where does it come from?


We look at how your body and brain work together and how some anxiety is good for you! The cavemen had a lot to do with it…


Week 2: Talking it Through


A guided talk with a chance to connect with others and share thoughts and ideas around our experiences of anxiety and the effect it has on our lives.


Week 3: Coping and Calming


An in-depth look at some extremely effective ways of coping with anxiety including grounding, mindfulness, visualisation, and relaxation techniques which can be practiced alone or with others.


Week 4-9: Focusing on the finer details


Through weeks 4-9, we will be looking at the group’s individual needs, sharing the week’s experiences, and setting individual and group  homework


Week 10: Conclusion


We will learn about our patterns of anxiety and look at some specific situations such as entering new environments, public speaking, and exams. We will look at how to ‘see it coming’ in order to better prevent and deal with it in stressful situations.

Tracy Taylor-Banks

Tracy is a fully qualified integrative therapist (Level 4 Dip)  and has worked extensively with children and young people including training with the national charity Place2Be. 
Her specialism is eating disorders, general anxiety and group therapy. 
Her background as a teacher and theatre performer has enabled her to integrate her skills as a coach to provide tailor-made sessions for our families.